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Lance Vinot Group

Lance Vinot Group is a consortium of Private Limited Companies with business and investment interests in real estate development, mining, commodities trading, hospitality services and management consultancy. We trade and provide services mainly in sub-Sahara Africa but also to Europe and North America.

Our partnerships and services are extended to governments, corporate entities and private individuals.

Our Corporate Mission

That the name "Lance Vinot Group" be synonymous with PERFORMANCE, INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE (PIE).
Our overriding ethos is to conduct business for the mutual benefit of all transacting parties, including the communities amongst whom we conduct business.

The Lance Vinot Group's considerable knowledge of the African economic environment and extensive relationship with business and political leaders built over several decades position us uniquely to achieve our mission.

Dr. Ola-Vincent Odulele (Chairman)

Dr. Ola-Vincent K. Odulele studied accountancy and banking in the United Kingdom and holds M.B.A. and Doctorate degrees in International Finance. He has always had a keen interest in and eye for business. Still in his early twenties, he indulged in his first commercial venture, exporting commodities out of West Africa into the UK. Three and a half decades later, he continues to be a passionate businessman and often describes himself as 'a consummate Christian capitalist'.

He chairs the Board of Directors of the Lance Vinot Group of Companies and provides visionary business development leadership guided by considerable experience and clear financial and relational principles. For decades, he has maintained personal relationship with Heads of State, diplomats, social influencers and businesspersons across sub-Sahara Africa and beyond. Dr. is regularly consults on national and regional social, political, economic, diplomatic and religious matters and is often called upon to mediate at the highest levels on matters between sovereign States.