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Management Consultancy

Lance Vinot Limited provides an independent professional advisory service to multi-national Corporations, federal and local governments, heads of State and political leaders, religious organisations and private individuals to help achieve their organisational, or corporate or individual objectives.

Our services help to solve management and business problems, create value, maximise growth and improve the overall performance of our clients. We use our business skills and experience to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills to identify and seize new opportunities, enhance learning and implement changes.

We provide a wide variety of services that cover:

  • Business Start-up
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisational Structure reviews
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Reorganisation, Diversification, Downsizing
  • Financial Management & Controls
  • Management controls
  • Human Resources Management solutions
  • Information technology
  • E-business and operations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Supply-chain management
  • Education & Training
  • Other(s)